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Do you want to know who we are?

EnderAdel is a non-profit organization that is all about web technology! Our goal is to make your web experience much more pleasing. EnderAdel was established by Adel (EnderAdel). Our story begins in 2016!


- Published a website called Adel Play on Google Sites. This is the spark that led to the creation of EnderAdel!


- The website was updated.
- now it's called Adel Store.


- Later this year, we updated the website once more and moved out of Google Sites!
- Published a punch of modified Android apps.


- The website was updated once more.
- Now it's called EnderAdel!
- later this year, we started working on EnderFramework!


- We purchased our new domain, enderadel.net!
- We then rebuilt the website, since the previous version took a lot of time to load. It might feel like a downgrade, compared to what we had in the previous versions of the website. But it's much cleaner and faster!
- EnderFramework is public now! (But it's still in development)