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EnderFramework (Unstable)

A framework, built using a framework, for you!


The heart of EnderFramework

EnderServices is the program that runs EnderApps. So you need to have it on your machine so you can run EnderApps. You can download it from here!


An installer for EnderApps

EnderInstaller is the app that you can use to install EnderApps. But you need to be careful, don't install unknown or malicious EnderApps.


A verified-EnderApps-only store

EnderStudio is the place for you to dicover safe EnderApps.



We haven't figured out the proper purpose of EnderGaming yet. It might even get canceled!


A studio made for EnderDevelopers

You can use EnderStudio to create your very own apps. Or you can use it to create your own EnderApp! An EnderApp is a version of your app that doesn't contain any of the framework's files, the node modules, or electron files. Everything is taken care of by EnderServices.